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Look. the Moon is Blushing

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I can hear the laughter of the sea
as it plays with the white sand.
A little bite here, a little lick there.
Their passion is building
and the spray is starting to fly.
No wonder the moon
is trying to hide behind the clouds.
Doesn’t she know
that the two lovers
have nothing to hide?
Actually, she’s the one
who has gotten them both
so turned on.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

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It’s the naked dancer
that draws closest
to the heart of God.
Why is that so surprising?
It’s the naked dancer,
so freely whirling,
that has not only heard
the invitation
but has answered
Yes! Yes! Yes!

The Secrets of Love

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My tavern keeper tells me secrets
that no one else could know.
He drinks like a fish, smells like a goat,
and laughs like a braying ass.
But, the secrets he knows
are better than the wine
that he serves me for free.
He knows the ways of love.
I think he may have even
written the book. One day,
when I think he is drunk enough,
I’m going to ask him.
I can already hear
the braying of his laughter.

Bottoms Up!

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Stop being
so incredibly dainty.
from the jug
of God’s love
is an insult.
Ecstasy is meant
to be chugged.
And face it,
all of us
need to be smashed
with such joy.

The Language of Love

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I heard the Happy One
call my name.
Those around me
thought it was
just the buzzing
of a fly.
I winked,
and of course,
the fly winked back.
The two of us know
God’s love
surrounds us
on every side.
Neither of us
could stop laughing.

God’s Laughter

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I think is was God’s laughter
that formed the worlds
and stars we see and know.
Maybe a quiet little chuckle
is how it all began. But,
it was his knee-slapping,
cosmos-shaking belly laugh
that brought tears to his eyes
and each of us into his heart.

Now You Know

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To know God is to understand
we are free to say a holy “Yes!”
to all creation. Knowing God
is to understand there is no word
for “No” in God’s heart.
Now you know
why I cannot keep myself
from such joyous laughter

The Party Is Just Starting

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Hold on tighter
and I’ll spin you again.
The dance has just begun.
Together, we will twirl
among the stars.
Together, we will whirl
among the planets.
Hold on tighter.
The music is getting louder
and the wine has yet
to be served. Tonight,
my heart is on fire
and there’s no limit
on love.

All We Need To Do Is To Wake Up

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to fruits and grains
and little pots
of wine and milk,
I realize
I am being courted.
I hear the soft sounds
of your singing
and my heart
is comforted.
Even before
I can utter
a hesitant response,
the light of
all creation
fills my emptiness
and I know
the meaning of love.

A Cosmic Jig

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How difficult it is
for God to dance
in the midst
of stained-glass frowns.
Doesn’t anyone else
hear his booming laughter?
Get naked.
It’s time to pray.
Let’s all join the holy one
in a cosmic jig.

Don’t Be Afraid to Love

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Don’t be afraid to love.
Be afraid instead
of trying to bottle up
the cosmic joy of creation.
Can you hold back
the heart of God?
So don’t try. Just
let love flow.
The you will begin
to understand why
I am always laughing.

back on the mountain

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Like Edward Abbey wrote in his introduction to THE JOURNEY HOME, “I am not a naturalist. I never was and never will be a naturalist.” But, Like Abbey I am a deep and passionate lover of nature. My most intense joy is being immersed in nature in any of its myriad of guises.

Right now I am again soaking up the solitude and splendor that is my small slice of Snake Mountain. PreSpring is here. The snow is gone. And if the bright sunshine hasn’t actually knocked the chill from the air, it has revealed that it won’t be long before those loveliest shades of green will be covering the mountain from the ridges down to the creek.

I have been waiting to get up here since before the new year kicked off. Actually, I’ve been here several times, but never for more than a couple or three days. And I will admit it…I’m greedy when it comes to Snake Mountain. Two or three days is just not enough time to  soak up the beauty of this place.

Even though it probably doesn’t sound like it, I am here working. My next book, STOP HUNGER NOW: Ending Hunger in Our Lifetime is due out in early December. That’s a short timeline. But, that doesn’t keep me from soaking up the richness and beauty which surrounds me as I write.

I’ve been able to get over a thousand words into the machine this morning, so now it’s time for a little reward. My walking stick is by the door so for me it mean’s it’s time to grab the camera and head down toward the creek. Besides, I need the exercise to stay sharp.


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I pastored rural United Methodist Churches in Virginia for eight years before beginning what is now more than thirty-five years as a professional hunger fighter. Although I felt called to the pastorate, and I loved being a pastor, I always felt a deep sense of frustration at my inability to help my congregations move off dead center in regard to mission outreach.

All my congregations wanted to make a real difference in the world. All of them wanted to reach out in the name of Christ to be involved in significant mission projects. But none of those congregations were able to make the impact they truly desired. And I lacked the leadership skills necessary to help them.

I wish I knew then what I know now.

Those are the opening words from the Preface of GETTING OFF OUR BUTS: Making Mission Happen, my new book that will be published by Snake Mountain Press this summer. The book is a biblical blueprint for getting congregations and other organizations totally engaged in mission work that can change the world.

There is no reason for any person, group or church not to be actively engaged in making a difference in our broken world. GETTING OFF OUR BUTS is a manual that guides congregations through every step of successful mission work. The book is a easy-to-follow guide to help congregations take the necessary steps to become real leaders in reaching out to those most in need, both in their local communities and around the world.

I will share more excerpts from the book in the coming months.

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