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home is where the heart is…

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Bloom where you're planted

Bloom where you’re planted.

where there’s a will there’s a way

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Darwin wrote that it is not always the strongest species that survives, or even the most intelligent. The species that survive are the one that prove to be most adaptable. The photo below is one of a survivor.

Bloom where you're planted

Bloom where you’re planted

diving in

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Look mom. no hands!

Look mom. no hands!

a little exercise

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a few chin-ups

a few chin-ups

my shy dinner guest

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Well, hello there.

Well, hello there.

A couple nights ago I posted about my unexpected dinner guest. I don’t get a lot of guests here at the cabin so I was somewhat disappointed that she didn’t stay longer. I would have really liked to become better acquainted.

Last night I was awakened by a clatter on the porch. Assuming my shy dinner guest had returned for a midnight (literally) snack, I grabbed my camera before heading out on the porch to engage her in conversation.

She obviously loves the cow bone, but I have to admit, she doesn’t seem to care much for my company. At least she was gracious enough to allow me to get a couple of snapshots. As I wrote in the earlier post, she’s a real cutie.

welcome to the Snake Mountain Muse

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Snake Mountain is a mountain in the North Carolina High Country, east of the community of Zionville. Its elevation reaches 5,564 feet (1,696 m).

The mountain generates several feeder streams to the North Fork New River (via Maine Branch[3]), South Fork New River (via Meat Camp Creek[4]) and Watauga River (via Cove Creek[5]). Several ridges form from Snake Mountain, with the main being Snake Mountain Ridge,[6] which marks the border between North Carolina and Tennessee; also there is Sugartree Ridge[7] and Hessian Ridge,[8] which are smaller outcrops from Snake Mountain, to its west. Several gaps also surround the mountain: Elk Horn Gap,[9] Pottertown Gap,[10] Rich Mountain Gap[11] and State Line Gap.[12]

Historically, both the Old Buffalo Trail and Daniel Boone Trail converge at the foot of the mountain, at Zionville.[13]

Snake Mountain is the home of Snake Mountain Press. The Snake Mountain muse and I have begun a dance that I would love for others to join. This is your invitation.

Founded in 2011, Snake Mountain Press believes that publishing doesn’t have to be as difficult as it has proven to be for most aspiring authors. Our mission is simple: We want to work together with good writers to help get their work published in the most professional, timely, efficient and cost-effective manner possible.  We make that happen by guiding writers through every step of the publishing process until they have a  book published of which they can be duly proud.

Snake Mountain Muse is the blog for Snake Mountain Press. Of course, the blog will have the pertinent  news about the press, but it will also have far more. SMM will feature quotes from great writers, as well as articles about writing, publishing and the writing life. The site will have excerpts from writers published by Snake Mountain Press, book reviews and other information of interest to writers. There will be poetry, photography (both my own and by others) and other creative efforts of all types. Information about writing contests, classes and grants will also be included.

You are most cordially invited to become a part of the Snake Mountain Press community. Let’s court the muse together and begin a dance that will go on forever.


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