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Look. the Moon is Blushing

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I can hear the laughter of the sea
as it plays with the white sand.
A little bite here, a little lick there.
Their passion is building
and the spray is starting to fly.
No wonder the moon
is trying to hide behind the clouds.
Doesn’t she know
that the two lovers
have nothing to hide?
Actually, she’s the one
who has gotten them both
so turned on.


Better Than A Love Note

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I was already asleep, dreaming of love,
when a star came crashing down
through my bedroom window.
As soon as I heard the laughter
I called out her name.
No one but her could love
me that much. She has
has a passionate streak that can melt
mountains, boil oceans
and lead me straight
into the heart of the beloved

The Real Thing

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There’s no need
to burn all the books
about God.
That’s really
not necessary.
Just remember
that reading a book
about God,
even a great and
most holy book,
is like looking
at a photo
of a beautiful woman.
Why waste your time
just looking
when all the while
she is begging you
to make
wild and passionate love
to her?

“One Hot Lady”

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This poem first appeared in MOUTH MUSIC, a collection published in 1997. It is one of an extended series depicting my lifelong relationship with my muse.


While waiting
for a mocking muse
to loosen her lips
I continue stroking,
caressing every key
I can reach. Who
knows which one
just might unlock
the barely contained
passion, passion
powerful enough
to convulse us both
in an orgasmic frenzy
so frighteningly forceful
neither of us will be able
to walk for a week.
It’ll be worth the wait,
and both of us know it.
I can feel her
starting to squirm.

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