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All We Need To Do Is To Wake Up

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to fruits and grains
and little pots
of wine and milk,
I realize
I am being courted.
I hear the soft sounds
of your singing
and my heart
is comforted.
Even before
I can utter
a hesitant response,
the light of
all creation
fills my emptiness
and I know
the meaning of love.

A Cosmic Jig

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How difficult it is
for God to dance
in the midst
of stained-glass frowns.
Doesn’t anyone else
hear his booming laughter?
Get naked.
It’s time to pray.
Let’s all join the holy one
in a cosmic jig.

This Morning

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I awoke this morning
to the sound
of God laughing.
Then I saw him
dancing among the sunbeams.
Unless I am mistaken,
I am sure I heard him
invite me to join in
with him.

The Real Thing

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There’s no need
to burn all the books
about God.
That’s really
not necessary.
Just remember
that reading a book
about God,
even a great and
most holy book,
is like looking
at a photo
of a beautiful woman.
Why waste your time
just looking
when all the while
she is begging you
to make
wild and passionate love
to her?

Let’s All Laugh Together

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Look around you.
On every side
there are precious souls
searching to find
the light.
Like tiny
crushed angels
with wings far too fragile,
they still struggle to fly.
help me
set out little pots
of wine and milk
so we may grow strong
and laugh together.
Soon we will soar
past the stars
into the waiting heart
of God.

The Struggle to Fill Empty Pews

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GETTING OFF OUR BUTS: Making Mission Happen, by Ray Buchanan, is scheduled to be published the first week of July. It begins with a look at our understanding of miracles, and the alarming lack of them in today’s churches. Here is a brief snippet.

There are many who believe the church is no longer relevant for today’s society. Theologians, biblical scholars and church leaders bemoan the fact that the world at large doesn’t seem interested in what the church has to offer. One campaign after another is introduced to fill nearly empty sanctuaries and help dwindling congregations grow.

None of them appear to have offered a lasting solution. Why?  Again, the answer is disturbingly simple.

None of the ubiquitous church growth campaigns really work because none of them truly focus on the real problem. Today’s church has yet to adequately demonstrate to the world that we have anything worth their attention.

 The church needs to understand that the world is not obligated to pay attention to us. It is just that simple. Thinking we have what the world needs and demonstrating it are two completely different things.

If the world can see nothing in the church that cannot be explained in terms of management, program and organization, how is that any different than what takes place outside the church every single day?

 For most people church still implies God. And for most of the world, God still means miracle. A church without miracles is no different than any other small business, corporation or well-meaning civic club. The world knows what to expect from them. Yet, the world doesn’t know what to expect from the church.

 Once the church merits the world listening to us we will get the audience we crave and deserve. Until that time comes, however, the struggle to fill empty pews will continue unabated.

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