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I pastored rural United Methodist Churches in Virginia for eight years before beginning what is now more than thirty-five years as a professional hunger fighter. Although I felt called to the pastorate, and I loved being a pastor, I always felt a deep sense of frustration at my inability to help my congregations move off dead center in regard to mission outreach.

All my congregations wanted to make a real difference in the world. All of them wanted to reach out in the name of Christ to be involved in significant mission projects. But none of those congregations were able to make the impact they truly desired. And I lacked the leadership skills necessary to help them.

I wish I knew then what I know now.

Those are the opening words from the Preface of GETTING OFF OUR BUTS: Making Mission Happen, my new book that will be published by Snake Mountain Press this summer. The book is a biblical blueprint for getting congregations and other organizations totally engaged in mission work that can change the world.

There is no reason for any person, group or church not to be actively engaged in making a difference in our broken world. GETTING OFF OUR BUTS is a manual that guides congregations through every step of successful mission work. The book is a easy-to-follow guide to help congregations take the necessary steps to become real leaders in reaching out to those most in need, both in their local communities and around the world.

I will share more excerpts from the book in the coming months.

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  2. Sir,
    Am delighted to know that you are a good christian and a hunger fighter as well.
    I have a question: I would like to know how you operate on Stop Hunger Now in the field. Do you combine mission with it after you must have ministered to the needs of the people or you have a seperate mission outreach?
    I am called to be a hunger hunter but am still not clear on how to bring in evangelism. Please shed more light on this.
    Thank you Sir.

    • Hey Philip.

      Thanks for comment. You raise a good question, and one I have often been asked to address. Although I consider Stop Hunger Now to be faith based, it is operated as a humanitarian relief organization. We feed the hungry because of the love of God. However, we do not ever evangelize. We provide food and aid to anyone in need, anywhere in the world, regardless of there ethnicity or religious beliefs. I am called to end hunger in my lifetime. I am not called to change anyone to believe as I do.

      Many of the organizations who receive our meals do practice evangelism. We simply ask, and in fact demand, that none of our food be used for proselytizing.

      Again, thanks for the excellent question.

      • Thank you for the explanation.
        God bless you. More grace!

        May I chip this in. I am not sure you operate in Nigeria but we would be having Children’s Day on the 27th of May. Could you send posters of your work (to Lagos, Nigeria) so I could distribute to appropriate agencies prior to that day for use.

        Thank you

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